Absolutely phenomenal and once again are on the up and coming and somewhat mighty Moda Music label. These will be big and have been in love with them ever since Tom Staar remixed Lies. Just listen and adore, this is porn for your ears, or ear if you're somewhat defected.


Fenech-Soler - Stop and Stare
Fenech-Soler - Stop And Stare (Reset Remix)
Fenech-Soler - Lies (Tom Staar Remix)


brandon said...

even the original version of "Lies" is incredible.
theyre pretty rad and i need more of them in my life!!

Paddyg91 said...

I've found a few new mp3's of their's on mediafire earlier today like Format Disco and Airbrushed. I really like Format Disco, sorta odd but cool, Lies is a tune in itself, but, I just love Tom Staar, so anything with him in it is always more awesome haha

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