Kid Cudi: The Sophomore.

So, I feel as if I'm repeating myself with stating how awesome Kid Cudi is. He's awesome okay? Okay. So now here I am writing about the ever so interesting and hypetastic sophomore album from Cudi, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

"I am the Rager I am Forever."

This isn't even good enough for the album. Now onto the album and how its set out so far, Cudi's released a few leaks here and there through his own personal blog including the welcoming wonder "Revofev" or to be more precise the revolution of Evolution, revolution being Cudi, the evolution being rap. Cudi's changing the style and face of rap with his thoughtful lyrics infused with heart and soul, rather than the usual guns and bitches. So the prelude revofev was to the fantastic "Erase Me" which had been spread like a whore's legs on the net causing shit loads of hype and fantasy. With an ever so catchy hook and the helping hand of his mentor Kanye the song has it, and whatever it is, is good. Check them out for yourself. LEts just say I'm looking forward to more leaks and Mr. Rager's fury will be calmed by the appreciation of the masses. Don't forget to follow the blog!

Expect MOTM2 around September 28!

KiD CuDi feat. Kanye West - Erase Me


Reminiscing. Is a word. Blue. Is a colour. Light. Hurts.

Bloc Party - Blue Light

Milke, Oh I mean Monarchy

So, the secrets out, Monarchy are the ever under appreciated Milke. But, the hype in which they produced from being ambiguous and mysterious has allowed the synth duo to milk(e) the attention in which they'd garnered and to re-release their previous single from Milke entitled "Love Get Out of My Way". [video below] But I'd rather not see this as recycling but as a new output for their previously unheard of gems.

While on the subject of unheard of gems, or less so heard of gems this leads me to think of some of Milke's songs which had gone unknown by the masses of the media and the public but now will achieve the attention in which they'd wanted and warranted in the first place. Notable the ever so catchy "Maybe I'm Crazy" and "Resignation".

Incase you ever wondered what the duo looked like here's a picture for you to gawk at.

Not quite the spacemen you were hoping for was it?

Milke/Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy

The Return

So, Sorry about the lack of posts for the Month of May but, well, to be honest, its been eventful. Fruitful even. So let me fill you in, this months the month of May, and may it soon end, with my College exams half way done (3 out of 5) and missing 2 of them due to sickness, serious strep throat going on, I've found very little time to spend on the blog or living. But there's been good times as well as horrendously bad. So lets stick to the good ones.

Around the start of the MUNT I stumbledupon (yes I use that application) a great tune called "In It Together" by Human Life on some obscure blog, somewhat like this, just obviously less cool.

Oh so nintendo-y I love it.

After bopping my head to that a few times I reminisced of when I forayed into the lifestyle of a secondary school kid who tried to make his own songs and remix a few too under the pseudonym of PKG, surprisingly I have over 4,500 plays, and one even has over 2,500 plays itself, amusing to think thats more than what my mate who's signed to a label has on his Myspace. I soul crushingly listened to the terribleness of 17 year old me's aspirations, but then realised how much I missed Hadouken!'s old style at the same time, yes, I remixed Hadouken!, don't ask. But I really do like Hadouken!'s older stuff, especially Driving Nowhere, Spend Your Life and Wait For You.

Fuckin' Sexy!

Then onto the 2nd Friday, the Friday before my exams started, you'd probably expect me to sit in and well, as you should, STUDY, well, that's not how I roll, I went to the most awesome FREE gig of my life courtesy of Heineken Music, With Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club and some band with a fat lad in it. Not knowing the support bands I didn't really care about their performances rather just yelling the occasional "1 more tune" after 2 songs into their set or "You're not Foals!" until the aforementioned Foals had entered the stage, and later during the gig, the crowd. The little man Yannis sure does know how to throw a show!