Delphic. Yeah.

Here's a band who I probably should've gone to see on Saturday, but I, unfortunately was absolutely broke. So unfortunately I wasn;t able to see one of my favourite bands of this year. Alongside Two Door Cinema Club and Ellie Goulding, Delphic would be my band/artist to watch out for in 2010. Delphic could be the best new band in Manchester, as they evoke the spirit of its Hacienda days in a forward-thinking, indie-rave type way. Are we going to have to start calling them 'nu-Madchester'? When thinking of a definite comparison to Delphic one can only bring upon memories of New Order with their use of synth and futuristic nature, their style could even be compared to the nu-rave nature of Klaxons in the beats and kinetic indie ravish style. As the combining surging rhythms with powerful emotion, they're crafting a superior brand of future indie that has every chance of rocketing them out of Manchester and into the nation's consciousness.

With their single "Halcyon" due to come out next Monday its sure to be rising up the charts, but for some reason I doubt it'll get to number one, and for one reason only. There's something which niggles your mind about it, a shadow of a memory some might say. Listening to the song is like listening to another song, or another band, and now while listening to the, rather than letting the music transform everything around me into solid vibrating masses of lovely, I'm instead trying to decode the puzzle of who it resembles.

Let me know what you think for yourself.

Delphic - Halcyon
Delphic - Counterpoint
Delphic - Doubt
Delphic - Clarion Call (personal favourite)


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