Yes, its been anticipated and I've liked it. Kele from Bloc Party's solo effort is different and fantastic is not a bit same-ish at times, he's certainly jumped on the band-wagon of hip and disco related CHOOONS but I really do like it. Knocking back and forth while waiting for Total Life Forever to download has never been more exhilarating

Give it a Listen now!


Here's the customary download link! Enjoy?!?!?!

Kele - Tenderoni

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

I can smell a Summer Anthem with this choon. Hope you enjoy it!


Funky Electro Pop with a slice of disco. Thats how I'd describe the fantastic new band Nightbus, who've just released a video for their debut single "I Wanna Be You". Check out the video here! Its catchy and has a fast paced beat to it and well its very memorable. With it due to be released by the end of May expect a lot of hype and airplay in the coming weeks. Hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Marina And The Diamonds

Here's a slick choon my Marina and the Diamonds remixed by Fenech-Soler who I'm lucky enough to be able to see this Friday at Crawdaddy in Dublin, which is going to be absolutely great. Now, onto the song at hand. "OH MY GOD", really does surmise this song, unpredictably awesome with a major bassline banging on throughout. This really makes me want to listen to her own stuff, which I will eventually do after listening tot this. You better too.

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood (Fenech-Soler remix)

Ellie Goulding

Here's a singer(ette) thing, who I've known of for some time and I've just been listening to her album "Lights" and I'm just wondering something, WHY DID THEY MURDER WISH I STAYED?!?

compare the two.

Mistake. Fuck off Starsmith.

Ellie Goulding - Wish I Stayed (The Good Version)


Not as in the queen, but as in the awesome band who nobody ahs a clue about other than the fact that they confuse thousands of people about who the hell they are. There's been rumours linking them with Daft Punk and well, they're awesome but they're still some way from it (a long way) but they're a superb band who I've already posted a song about in the past, being Penguin Prison's "A Funny Thing" which was remixed by them.

Enjoy the sheer classness of this and well, let me know what you think.

Here's the customary link.

Monarchy - The Phoenix Alive

Grizzly Bear

So here’s a weird one, one which is creepishly odd and yet melodically awesome, with a tender hook and some neat piano added to it, you can see why Grizzly Bear are recieving some hype, and well, its deserved, with one of the oddest video’s I’ve ever seen added to the mix, you’re always going to be intrigued as to what they have in store, pity about the rest of the album then. But for this one song along, Two Weeks, they have a song which they could rely on for corporate success as well as some sort of success in the media.

Told ya it was odd didn’t I?

Anyway, I’ve known this song for some time now due to my boredom of just downloading bundles of random albums and Veckatimest was one of them, but the reason as to why I’ve chosen to post it now is because of a certain “Intuition” I’ve had, or well the artist has anyway, with his Intuition’s mixtape “I Ruined These Songs For You” the song Two Weeks appeared on it with Intuitions own style tossed onto it, and well, by tossed I mean added to the sheer quality of the song of which I already thoroughly enjoyed. Now, here comes the part you want, the customary downloads, well today you’re not getting them....


Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks ft. Intuituon