Give them Kids some ACID

This week’s selection is none other than the effortlessly cool Acid Girls.

 wow, look a ginger can be cool.

I don't claim to be a long term fan of theirs but in the short time I've known them I can clearly say. I'd Definitely go to their gig! Anyone who can listen to "The Numbers Song" and can honestly tell me they wouldn't ever go to one of the gigs and get absolutely smashed and enjoy every minute would go down as an old bassa' to me :D

lovely video and all I know :P

So, onto the story of how I've come to know them, being a long term FrankMusik fan I've aimed to grab my hands on every single song of his availible on the net, through bribery or other means. Internet threats ftw. So one day I'm doing my usual bi-weekly search of FrankMusik on hypem (which is a fantastic site btw) and I come across a little number called Wake-Up featuring a certain band called Acid Girls. I'd given it a few listens and I'd been addicted ever since. Even a shoddy video of some ginger She-man thing dancing on youtube didn't break my love for the song. Luckily for you lot the horrid video's been taken off Youtube for many reasons. I can guess a few anyway.

Don't forget to Check out their remixes too, they've remixed bands like: Mini Viva, HEALTH, The Sisters Of Transistors and Delorean.

So now you know my story on Acid Girls I'll leave it to you on how you can choose what you like and you don't. Don't forget to check in again as there'll be more updates coming. Here's a few little gifts to keep you all still salivating at the mouth for other updates on bands and such which tickle my fancy, till then toodles.

Acid Girls – Stupid Games ***
Acid Girls – The Numbers Song ****
Acid Girls feat. Frankmusik - Wake Up ***** [only due to the inclusion of Vincent Frank]

Lucky I'm Street Smart eh?

So, another one of those mid-week or TGIF updates. Anyway, I've been really getting back into listening to The Streets as of late, especially "Blinded By The Lights" and all the tunes of years gone by produced by Mike Skinner. Unfortunately ever since their second album, "A Grand Don't Come for Free", they've gone under the radar somewhat and I feel their last effort, or well, Mike's last effort really wasn't given the credit it deserved, trust me it deserves it, I doubt most of you won't have heard of this before!

Bet you're glad now eh? Mighty fine beard too

 There's some other choons on the album which I really recommend you giving a whirl on the oul' iTunes, or Windows Media Player or whatever! Notably "The Escapist", "On the Edge of a Cliff" and "Everything Is Borrowed".

Anyway, since "Everything Is Borrowed" nowadays how about you lot "borrow" some of the tunes.

The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed
The Streets - The Escapist 
The Streets featuring The Futureheads - Fit But You Know It  
Doubt you've heard that one.

Miike'Snow Longer Unknown.

This is the 1st of my random little updates, remember those? Yeah well andyways here's the premiere [Drumroll please!]
Here it is, a Swedish band destined for greatness, and they're not Abba... They're called Miike Snow.

I'm impressed and you better be too!
This is an absolute tune. Really, it is, but you've to give it may take a few plays to sink in, It'll be well worth it though. Think of it as an investment. [Not in a bank though]
Here's a few links to their myspace and a few songs too just to keep you enthrawled.
Miike Snow - Silvia
Miike Snow - Burial

When a KiD becomes a Man

This week’s selection is none other than the mighty KiD CuDi.
Sure he's hardly a new name but nobody can doubt the talent of Kanye West's protégée. Rising from Cleveland CuDi has become one of the most talented young rappers in the World and has already worked with major players in the game such as Common, Lady GaGa, Kanye West, Ratatat and MGMT.
Already with a number one hit to his name in the UK Scott Merscudi's future looks giant. With the release of his latest Album, one which has been under much scrutiny over the last 6 months due to CuDi's erratic nature and well... How to put this... He takes things to heart far too easily.

Luckily though the Kid's become a man and has released one of the most anticipated albums of 2009 with so many arrays of style and emotive nature it’s abundant that this album can appeal to all genres of people. With club bangers like 'Enter Galactic' which is the song CuDi plays when he 'see's all the beautiful women on the floor' and gets the crowd pumpin'. I wouldn't be surprised to see if or not Crookers puts his own spin on this as he has done on other CuDi tracks like "Day' N Nite" and "Embrace the Martian".

Not to forget the original of his banging tunes which has also made the cut for the "Day N Night" which seems about as old as I am by now. But trust me the chorus will never get old, I can't help but connect with this song, this style of his is unique and well, is actually what attracted me to him as an artist.

And if you're looking for songs which are capable of matching up with the Capacity to share CuDi's most inner thoughts you won't be disappointed. We're told about in "Soundtrack 2 My life" about his "99 problems" which is both a reference to one of the greatest Hip-Hop artists of our generation, Jay-Z, but also it shows how Scott's different and isn't afraid to combat his fear of being different as in contrast to Jay-Z, his 99 problems are all "bitches".

The album has its ups and downs both emotionally and in quality, with there being obvious stand out tracks [Up, Up, And Away (The Wake And Bake Song), Pursuit of Happiness, CuDi Zone, Sky Might Fall] it also has it let downs in songs like Simple As... This song to me is just toooo simple for CuDi. Pun intended. And the woeful, but horribly catchy "Make Her Say", which just doesn't seem like a song CuDi would ever contemplate on working on due to its simplicity and its band-wagon-esque style.

Make your mind up yourself about the KiD:

KiD CuDi – CuDi Zone****
KiD CuDi – Make Her Say ***
KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life****

The Big French Fries Welcome

Don't worry, I'm not french, I may smell and be a little bit arrogant, but I'm not French. Shit, I should check my ancestry.

Or am I?

Well, anyway, I'm an Irish student called Paddy with far too much spare time and a certain, je ne sais quoi, when it comes to Music. I've claimed bragging rights with my Friends (yes we internet folk have friends) over discovering new bands like Klaxons, MGMT, and well the list goes on, for about 4 more bands but... they've disappeared by now and have probably gone into working in IT. 

Now off the blabbering chit chat and shat and onto the aims of this blog, basically I'm aimless. so,don't be expecting any certain genre of musik on here, it'll be whatever tickles my fancy at the time and I'll post it up on here. My posts will be weekly updates [Usually on a Wednesday] on a new-ish band or artist. Plus! There'll be more regular little updates on songs I find floating around the net which I find interesting and catchy and all that gobblydee gook!

1st off we'll start with one of my favourite Artists of the last year and a half: KiD CuDi.

As they said in Kenan and Kel...