Courting for your interest.

The Courteeners are back with their new album Falcon, and after their brilliant predecessor St. Jude, its really got a lot to live up to, and in a way it does, but it certainly isn't a match for it. Their styles changed, their epic fast paced songs have disappeared, but their catchy and ever present chorus's are still there, look at their current single "You Overdid it Doll" and you'll see a very catchy indie choon which is certain to be on any playlist you're interested in listening to. Although they seem to have regressed its nowhere near the regression of other bands with a great 1st album a lá the Killers and Razorlight, but its certainly worth a listen for a slow paced relaxing album full of thought and memory of the band. I'd not be overly impressed by it, but make your own mind up on it, I think I'm still undecided.


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