Give them Kids some ACID

This week’s selection is none other than the effortlessly cool Acid Girls.

 wow, look a ginger can be cool.

I don't claim to be a long term fan of theirs but in the short time I've known them I can clearly say. I'd Definitely go to their gig! Anyone who can listen to "The Numbers Song" and can honestly tell me they wouldn't ever go to one of the gigs and get absolutely smashed and enjoy every minute would go down as an old bassa' to me :D

lovely video and all I know :P

So, onto the story of how I've come to know them, being a long term FrankMusik fan I've aimed to grab my hands on every single song of his availible on the net, through bribery or other means. Internet threats ftw. So one day I'm doing my usual bi-weekly search of FrankMusik on hypem (which is a fantastic site btw) and I come across a little number called Wake-Up featuring a certain band called Acid Girls. I'd given it a few listens and I'd been addicted ever since. Even a shoddy video of some ginger She-man thing dancing on youtube didn't break my love for the song. Luckily for you lot the horrid video's been taken off Youtube for many reasons. I can guess a few anyway.

Don't forget to Check out their remixes too, they've remixed bands like: Mini Viva, HEALTH, The Sisters Of Transistors and Delorean.

So now you know my story on Acid Girls I'll leave it to you on how you can choose what you like and you don't. Don't forget to check in again as there'll be more updates coming. Here's a few little gifts to keep you all still salivating at the mouth for other updates on bands and such which tickle my fancy, till then toodles.

Acid Girls – Stupid Games ***
Acid Girls – The Numbers Song ****
Acid Girls feat. Frankmusik - Wake Up ***** [only due to the inclusion of Vincent Frank]


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