Lucky I'm Street Smart eh?

So, another one of those mid-week or TGIF updates. Anyway, I've been really getting back into listening to The Streets as of late, especially "Blinded By The Lights" and all the tunes of years gone by produced by Mike Skinner. Unfortunately ever since their second album, "A Grand Don't Come for Free", they've gone under the radar somewhat and I feel their last effort, or well, Mike's last effort really wasn't given the credit it deserved, trust me it deserves it, I doubt most of you won't have heard of this before!

Bet you're glad now eh? Mighty fine beard too

 There's some other choons on the album which I really recommend you giving a whirl on the oul' iTunes, or Windows Media Player or whatever! Notably "The Escapist", "On the Edge of a Cliff" and "Everything Is Borrowed".

Anyway, since "Everything Is Borrowed" nowadays how about you lot "borrow" some of the tunes.

The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed
The Streets - The Escapist 
The Streets featuring The Futureheads - Fit But You Know It  
Doubt you've heard that one.


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