The Big French Fries Welcome

Don't worry, I'm not french, I may smell and be a little bit arrogant, but I'm not French. Shit, I should check my ancestry.

Or am I?

Well, anyway, I'm an Irish student called Paddy with far too much spare time and a certain, je ne sais quoi, when it comes to Music. I've claimed bragging rights with my Friends (yes we internet folk have friends) over discovering new bands like Klaxons, MGMT, and well the list goes on, for about 4 more bands but... they've disappeared by now and have probably gone into working in IT. 

Now off the blabbering chit chat and shat and onto the aims of this blog, basically I'm aimless. so,don't be expecting any certain genre of musik on here, it'll be whatever tickles my fancy at the time and I'll post it up on here. My posts will be weekly updates [Usually on a Wednesday] on a new-ish band or artist. Plus! There'll be more regular little updates on songs I find floating around the net which I find interesting and catchy and all that gobblydee gook!

1st off we'll start with one of my favourite Artists of the last year and a half: KiD CuDi.

As they said in Kenan and Kel...



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