Monarchy - Monarchy

So the Monarchy album has been leaked. How fucking awesome is that! Well, I mean as a fan. Obviously I'm disappointed for the band but this will possibly generate the much needed attention they warrant and well to be honest, need. So, I'll show you some of the funktastic rhythmic sexual pleasures which you're going to be hearing in the not too distant future. With the album being pushed back to an early 2011 date expect to hear a lot about the queen and the royal families musical prowess and how they'll take over the world. I know I usually post an mp3 for your delight but this time its just going to be a few videos I'm afraid. Don't google monarchy album leak or anything though. Scratch that, the videos were taken down, have some MP3's little fledglings!

Check it out here first. Let me know what you think too. Don't forget to follow!

Monarchy - You Don't Want To Dance With Me

Monarchy - Floating Cars

It meets my expectations!


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