Milke, Oh I mean Monarchy

So, the secrets out, Monarchy are the ever under appreciated Milke. But, the hype in which they produced from being ambiguous and mysterious has allowed the synth duo to milk(e) the attention in which they'd garnered and to re-release their previous single from Milke entitled "Love Get Out of My Way". [video below] But I'd rather not see this as recycling but as a new output for their previously unheard of gems.

While on the subject of unheard of gems, or less so heard of gems this leads me to think of some of Milke's songs which had gone unknown by the masses of the media and the public but now will achieve the attention in which they'd wanted and warranted in the first place. Notable the ever so catchy "Maybe I'm Crazy" and "Resignation".

Incase you ever wondered what the duo looked like here's a picture for you to gawk at.

Not quite the spacemen you were hoping for was it?

Milke/Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy


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