Music That Attacked My Endothelial Cells, This Week

Nick Cave's Bad Sleaze..... and The Roots

Grinderman - Grinderman 2 (Album) (2010)

I didn't know they were making a new album.....

But I found it staring back at me from the New Release section.

Griderman 2 - imo - trumps the last 13 years worth of Bad Seed albums, and I love the Bad Seeds. This album, for me, is everything that was missing from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! channelled through a Garage Rock Tannoy.

The Roots - How I Got Over (Album) (2010)

It's like they took a collection of Curtis Mayfields songs, stripped the vocals out, replaced them with well executed poignant-rhymes, some assorted indie rock and neo-soul guest vocalists and subsequently blew my mind....

Why was 1am, last Wednesday, in a friends house, the first time I heard this apparently quasi-successful band? I've was blind but now I'm much better.


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