Marina And The Diamonds

Here's a slick choon my Marina and the Diamonds remixed by Fenech-Soler who I'm lucky enough to be able to see this Friday at Crawdaddy in Dublin, which is going to be absolutely great. Now, onto the song at hand. "OH MY GOD", really does surmise this song, unpredictably awesome with a major bassline banging on throughout. This really makes me want to listen to her own stuff, which I will eventually do after listening tot this. You better too.

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood (Fenech-Soler remix)


brandon said...

great song! ive listened to it 3 times and shared it with a bunch of friends. not too into the original though. and theres no file on the other side of that link!

paddyg91 said...

Damn, it must've been deleted, if you still haven't got it here's a link to it!

I've tried to listen to her normal stuff too, but I just don't like it as much as the remixes.

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