He's Gonna be a Staar.

His name's Tom Staar and here's a quick bio from his Myspace.

Deep within the solar system, past the rocky contours of the moon & beyond the fizzing gases of Jupiter, a lone space traveller named Tom Staar searches for his long lost colony of intergalactic compadres.

Not knowing if he is the last of his kind means his search is never ending & his methods of communication unauthordox. It's a long time since he's seen another member of his species, but one thing he still remembers is how much they liked to dance! So in a bid to make contact, Tom likes to send interstellar messages... in the form of songs!

As well as helping develop the mighty Moda club night during his time on earth, and the music of acts such as Jaymo & Andy George and Doorly, Tom has now begun sharing his own cosmic productions.

Combining a quasar of sounds, with retro synths, a sprinkling of stardust & even his own vocals, means that Tom Staar makes music that is truly his own.

"What" I hear you say? Don't ask, all I can say is he's awesome. He's not been around for long, but he's already on Moda Records, expect big stuff from him in the near future. Don't say you won't after you've listened to him either.

Check him out here:
Tom Staar - Console
Tom Staar - 4more4me2


sad face said...

any idea where i can download two tone simms?!

Paddyg91 said...

new post :)

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